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Founded in 2001, AMI specializes in marketing and trading of food additives, materials and ingredients to both domestic and international markets. We integrate the elements of the industry's production infrastructure in order to deliver quality and internationally competitive products. It is our objective to obtain certifications from overseas and domestic registered certification organizations. This shall not only give our products the advantages to compete in global markets but also build our Made-In-Taiwan products with an image of high quality and value.

Food industry is a sophisticated art that is most close to people lives. AMI devotes itself to understand end-consumers' needs. We values consumers' health like ours, treasure living environment as our own home, and appreciate delicacies as everyone does.   With its extensive experience in the food industry and its focus on above consumer demands, AMI successfully develop an all purposes product development model, called OBID (Original Base of Integrated Development from health, green and delicious.). With this development model, AMI has the strong and sound capabilities to produce food additives, materials and ingredients of the best quality while meeting the demands of “health, green and delicious”.
The Original Base of Integrated Development from Health、Green and Delicious.

With the long extensive connections to the Asia Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce (ATCC), AMI has years of experiences in consolidating resources among Chinese businesses and is good at planning and integrating these elements of resources into quality products. Thus, it is AMI's goal to consolidate these wide-spread resources into products of maximum value.   Based in Taiwan, AMI embraces markets in Asia and in the entire world.

AMI does not only survive from the world financial crisis and economy recession in the last decade but continue to grow with our business philosophy in mind, namely, “being Advanced and Masterly of technologies with Integrity”.   No matter how difficult the external business environment is, AMI embraces the mission to improve the people's daily lives as well as to play a key role in food industry. We devote ourselves to continuously improve food technologies and to the innovation of our products. We expect ourselves to be the pillar of the country's economy.

AMI is in endless search of excellence and continuously increase our business value.   With our extensive experience of biotechnology and food technology, it is AMI's strategy to provide a full variety of health and green food products to various markets and segments.   Supported by the extensive network of the Asia Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce (ATCC), AMI is able to access a great variety of resources of overseas Chinese business across the globe, and thus achieve the best synergy of these elements in the development our products. Apart from our core business, we shall continue our quest for other related lines of business in order to further build up the pillars for our ever-increasing growth.


AMI takes business ethics (social responsibilities) as important as the development of our business. We put focus on and in action on the exchanges with overseas market and participating in local community.   In the future, our agenda will be to promote images of MIT (Made-In-Taiwan) product as one with high added-value; in additions, to manifest our business philosophy of being Advanced and Masterly of technologies with Integrity”; and to further increase our brand values.   We expect AMI to be a very shining star glowing in the international business world.   Based in Taiwan, marching toward the Asia and ultimately the entire world, AMI sets “Global brand for all local living!” as our business goal.  

“being Advanced and Masterly of technologies with Integrity” paves the way for us to fearlessly embrace challenges in the future. In order to achieve an all-win situation (customers, employees and the business), AMI must continuously excel itself by strengthening its business organization, developing and executing innovative marketing strategy, developing employees of talents, seeking cross industry alliance, continuing to devote ourselves to the growth of economy and the welfare of the society, developing the overseas markets and ultimately establishing AMI as a global brand!



YC. Liao,
September 2009



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