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Company Philosophy and History | ASIA MASS INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.

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Our Slogan : Innovative RD and Integrated Marketing !
Our Corporate Philosophy: Advanced, Masterly, Integrity
AMI opens an new era of food additives, materials and ingredients in Asia!

Since founded, AMI has been extending its reach to all over the world in order to collect sources of supply, to test the products as well as to understand the needs of the end consumers. By devoting our efforts in the past decade to execute our corporate philosophy (namely, being advanced and being masterly with full integrity.), AMI is now internationally recognized and thus opens us an new era of biotechnology and food industry in Asia.

Advanced – We devote to innovation with a mountain top perspective.
Additive – food additives

Innovative R&D:
With medical level research and development, we position us at the leading edge of food technology in order to keep ahead in the food industry.
Professional Marketing:
We have very rich accesses to Chinese resources around the globe; proceed cross industry alliance; deep rooted in Taiwan with our international branded products; On our solid basis in Taiwan, we continuously develop the marketing channels in Asia with our internationally branded products.
Diversified product portfolio
We develop products to the vary diversified needs of end consumers using biotechnology with innovative approach.
Pioneer of Natural and Fresh Food Materials:
Our products are all based on natural materials with minimal additives. We apply the latest technology to maintain the freshness of foods.

Masterly – Be masterly of food technologies.
Material – We supply raw food materials.

World class facilities and equipments:
Equipped with world class facilities and equipments and ISO 22000 certified process, our products meet and even exceed the global market standards.
Precise and accurate production:
We enable our customers to be globally competitive with our accurate, precise and timely production processes.
Synergy of resources:
We consolidate very rich resources among the Chinese across the globe into the development of our products.

Integrity – We adhere to high moral principles and professional standards.
Ingredient – We supply tailor-made ingredients.

It's our corporate mission to continuously improve the safety and health of food. Our production strictly adhere to not only the professional standard but also the moral principles.
In order to be part of the local community, AMI fulfills its social responsibilities by assisting local business in overseas countries to grow with us and by making substantial donation to local communities.

Year Event
2001 AMI is founded
2002 Successfully develop a new spawn of Agaricus subrufescens (or commonly known as Brazil Mushroom,spawn mushroom)
2003 Launch of milk concentrate (cream) for drink, Japanese style
2004 Launch of frozen coffee concentrate for food and beverage.
2005 Launch of Cranberry syrup and “Agar powder, Japanese Style”
2006 Launch of Cran-Max ( health drink, cranberry flavor), through the joint development project with MKU (Mackay Medicine, Nursing and Management College)
2007 Opening AMI's branch office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  Introduce superior talents from Vietnam into AMI through the Industry-University Cooperation project with MKU (Mackay Medicine, Nursing and Management College)
2008 Cran-Max is designated as the drink of WTTC annual conference (World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce)



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