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AMI's core business areas are mainly in flavors, additives, raw materials and customized ingredients; and we have successfully developed series of products in these areas, such as a new spawn of Agaricus blazei Murill (Brazil mushroom), Japanese style milk concentrate (cream) for soft drink, frozen coffee concentrate, and Cran-Max (a health drink with cranberry concentrate).
Beverage Flavors
ASIA MASS-Beverage Flavors
Fruits Kernels Perfume
Dairy Herbary Bean Milk
Alcohol Sour Butters
the others
Dairy Flavors
ASIA MASS-Dairy Flavors
Dairy Butters Cheeses
Ices Bean Milk Herbary
Perfume Kernels Fruits
the others
Tea Drink Flavors
ASIA MASS-Tea Drink Flavors
Green Tea Black Tea Oolong Tea
Herbal Tea Fruits Tea Milk Tea
Flavor Tea Barley Tea Turquoise Tea
the others
Bakery Flavors
ASIA MASS-Bakery Flavors
Dairy Berry Kernels
Citrus Alcohol Fruits
Perfume Soy Sauces the others
Savoury Flavors
ASIA MASS-Savoury Flavors
Meats Sea foods Mushrooms
Soy sauces Sauces Flavors
Grains Fruits Rice Wine
the others
Alcohol Flavors
ASIA MASS-Alcohol Flavors
Whiskey Brandy Rum
Beer Rice Wine Kaoliang
Kernels Grains Sour
the others
Semi-Finished Products
ASIA MASS-Semi-Finished Products
Drink Syrups Coffee Base Concentrated Liquid
Soup Powder Sauces T.E.B.
Function Foods Ingredients
ASIA MASS-Function Foods Ingredients
Cranberry Anthocyanin Agaricus
Acerola fe Customizations Cranberry
the others
Food Materials
ASIA MASS-Food Materials
Tea Leaf Tea Powder Tea Bag
T.E.B. Tea Horn the others

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